Adam works in photography, micro-motion, design, and creative planning as a technology consultant for photographic and media-based projects with a focus in documentary, fine art, and human interaction.

Some clients know what they want, and others need help refining their goals. Adam helps with both, armed with the understanding that clear intentions, attention to detail, and great execution lead to success and a creative product that resonates with everyone.

In addition to working with the latest full-frame and medium format digital equipment, Adam specializes in medium-to-large format film photography processes, including the 6x17 format that allows extremely high-quality large-format print reproductions.

Adam also owns and runs, a website and ultra-affordable film gear rental program designed to allow more people to shoot long-term projects on film at an affordable cost while also providing education and further resources for all things film.

Outside of photography, Adam is an editor and senior writer for Drone photography and videography is also an expanding interest as Adam continues to explore the latest technologies that enable creatives to capture images from entirely new perspectives.



Los Angeles | San Francisco
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