Motion: Aerial and Micro-Motion

As much as still imagery will always be relevant as a medium that grabs society instantly, motion pictures are increasingly important in the digital realm as displays become more efficient and prevalent in society.


To that extent, a micro-motion (or moving photographs) can add emotion and give greater personality in an image while taking the same time for the mind to process as a still photograph. A flick of the hair, a micro-expression changing on the face of a model, a wink -- these are all split-second actions that can be comprehended as quickly as the brain can decipher the content of a still image. This makes micro-motion a medium that is worth exploiting now more than ever.


On the other hand, nothing grabs attention like something that surprises. Today, creatives have the ability to surprise viewers with new perspectives thanks entirely to new, affordable, and innovative stabilization tools and flying drones fitted with high-quality cameras. In this realm, we can now create stunning imagery with much lower budgets, less time, and less complication compared to a similar scenario that would have required a helicopter and multiple permits as little as just a few years ago. We're constantly exploring new options on the market for commercial, industrial, real estate, and even editorial/cinematic photography and videography.